Grant programs

Basic information on grants

The aim of the ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund is to support the development of its home regions - Mladoboleslav, Rychnovska and Vrchlabsko, and to help where it is needed. But we do not limit ourselves to providing financial assistance - we help both financially and, for example, by offering training or help with establishing partnerships.

Grant appeals are the main avenue for foundation contributions. An overview of all grant programs and information on them can be found here. Applications can only be submitted electronically through the grant system at

Grant Support Principles

Great goals with long-term impact can usually only be achieved through collaboration. When assessing projects, we therefore look at whether and how other partners and the local community are involved.

We are very committed to the idea of sustainability, which we approach from an environmental and social perspective. Our guiding principles include:

  • From the old create the new (refurbished / refurbished equipment, brownfield regeneration)

  • Resource Efficiency (emission reduction, zero waste actions, reusable/degradable utensils where appropriate, waste segregation)

  • Being sourcedriven (preference for local produce and products, non-industrially processed food)

  • Using active & alternative modes of mobility

  • Active promoting inclusion and diversity (e.g., customized events for seniors, disabled, sheltered workshop products)

  • Focusing on local community needs (in organizing events working with local organizations/volunteers)

  • Respect for local traditions and historical legacies

  • Inspiration from examples of good practice


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